Please note that this office has permanently closed as of May 31, 2023.

Thank you for the years of support and the privilege of working with you. We wish you the best of health in the future.

Medical records for all persons seen at the office are being securely stored. Please contact directly to request a copy to be sent to you or to your doctor.

For those patients looking for a physician, please follow this link to find a physician in your area:

For law firms or insurers requiring medical legal reports, please send your request or letter of instruction to the following email address: and your request will be taken care of.

Dr. Spiro Polyhronopoulos

Dr. Spiro Polyhronopoulos

Hello and welcome.

I am an experienced physician with special training, experience, and certification in Impairment and Disability Assessment.

If you, or someone you know, needs care for an injury, or needs to arrange for an Independent Medical Evaluation, then my practice may be able to help you.


About Us

Dr. Spiro Polyhronopoulos is an experienced physician, having worked for over 25 years with many patients of all ages who have experienced various forms of trauma, including physical, emotional, and psychological. He has worked in a certified Trauma Centre Emergency Department, as well as several community hospitals. He is a certified Family Physician (CCFP), further certified in Emergency Medicine (CCFP-EM and CAC-EM), and additionally, he holds certification by the American Board of Independent Medical Evaluators (CIME). He has been a clinical instructor for the University of British Columbia Faculty of Medicine for several years, and a prior to that, served as clinical instructor for the University of Louisville School of Medicine.

This office is geared toward the evaluation and treatment of patients who have experienced mild to moderate head and/or musculoskeletal injuries. We have a good working knowledge of Part 7 Accident Benefits, the use of MRI's, and the New BC Supreme Court Rules for medical experts. Dr. Polyhronopoulos is comfortable testifying in court, having done so as an expert witness as well as a fact witness.

Our goal is firstly to find out what is wrong with an injured patient on a personal level, recognizing that it takes time to perform a careful history and physical examination.

Our second goal is to carefully record objective and subjective medical information completely for each and every patient encounter.

Our third goal is to recommend ways to advance and coordinate the course of rehabilitation and recovery for each individual. This may require referrals to other health care providers including physiotherapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, pain management specialists, psychologists, and others. Health care for trauma usually requires teamwork.

The office bills MSP for ongoing care of patients, but charges an hourly rate or a BCMA/Doctors of BC recommended amount for IME's, medical-legal reports, and other services not covered under Medical Services Plan, when needed, depending on the service.



We are located at:

701-1160 Burrard Street

Vancouver, BC V6Z 2E8

Phone: 604-428-8787

Fax: 604-568-0665

Services Provided.

Dr. Polyhronopoulos provides ongoing care and primary care with respect to injuries, by referral.


He will write Medical Legal Reports, when called upon.


Dr. Polyhronopoulos will see injured individuals for the propose of writing Independent Medical Examinations for the Courts.

The Physician and Staff.

The team strives to create and maintain a service-oriented office culture focusing on quality patient care and a high level of personalized service.

Dr. Spyro Polyhronopoulos

Dr. Spiro Polyhronopoulos


Spiro Polyhronopoulos enjoys taking care of very ill or badly injured persons of all ages. Spiro graduated from the University of Alberta Medical School in 1990, followed by a year of training as a rotating intern at Royal Columbian Hospital and a year of residency at UBC. Spiro then worked as a Family Physician and as an Emergency Physician in a variety of settings in Vancouver and the Fraser Valley, as well as in the United States, including work in a Level III Trauma Centre. Spiro has volunteered as a Clinical Instructor for the UBC Faculty of Medicine, teaching medical students and residents at the bedside. Spiro is a longstanding member of the BCMA and CMA, and a more recent member and supporter of the Medical Legal Society of BC, the Canadian Society of Medical Evaluators, and the American Board of Independent Medical Evaluators.

Lorraine Tsiropoulos

Lorraine T.

Assistant and Scheduling Coordinator

Lorraine is a highly organized and detail-oriented Senior Executive Assistant and Office Manager providing support to the team since 2013.

Since 2001 acted as a liaison and maintained open lines of communication among senior executives, board members, the legal community, middle management and administrative staff.

For Patients.

Please complete the Contact section below or call 604.428.8787 to schedule a referred appointment or send an email to

Your first appointment could last approximately 1 1/2 to 2 hours and, in addition, arrive 15 minutes earlier to complete Personal Information documentation. Please bring photo ID, CareCard and ICBC number.

If you are unable to attend please contact the office at 604.428.8787 or respond to this email. Patients who are unable to make their appointments are required to give at least 48-hour notice by calling our office or email to

Patients who do not notify 48 hours prior to scheduled appointment or miss (no-show) appointment will be charged a fee of $50.00 cash or cheque payable to Dr. Spiro Polyhronopoulos; paid prior to next scheduled appointment. Arriving late means you have missed the appointment as Dr. Spiro Polyhronopoulos will not keep the next patient waiting.

If an emergency occurs, please dial 911 or go to your nearest hospital.

We participate in Medical Services Plan of BC . Please bring your insurance card and photo ID to the first visit.

For Physicians, Adjusters, & Lawyers.

We strive to make the referral process as convenient and efficient as possible. Complete the referral form providing the client’s full name, date of birth, Care Card and contact demographics. Choose the method that works the best e.g., phone, fax, or email.

Please advise the client that the appointment could last 1 ½ hours to 2 hours, arrive 15 minutes earlier to complete Personal Information documentation, bringing photo ID, and Care card.

For any IME’s please forward an instruction letter and medical records prior to the client’s appointment, preferably 5 days in advance.

In charging fees in these matters, the doctor will consider the time actually spent in examination of the patient, review of records, and preparation, dictation and revision of report or opinion, as necessary.

Cancellation Policy:

A cancellation is defined as a situation where the doctor’s office is informed that a previously arranged appointment is no longer required or is to be rescheduled for any reason. If given more than 5 working days notice of cancellation, no compensation is payable. Where the cancellation notice is received 2 or less full working days the compensation will be 2 hours of the doctor’s hourly rate.

Trauma referral form here.


Contact us for more information about our services and appointment times.